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Sep. 9th, 2008


Stupid skinny Foods teacher...

So today was the kind of day I MADE this journal for.

In Foods class today we were talking about health and eating properly. I knew the day was going to start of badly when my toothpick teacher asked me what a normal BMI was.

Me: uh...18-25/26 I think?
TT: Noo....actually 15-21 is about normal...anything above is overweight. *Looks at me sternly like "Stupid Fatso...dosen't even know the damn BMI scale"*

Ok, so yeah, she starts the class by totally butchering the already unfair BMI scale so that now being underweight is actually normal. Wow. I sure hope she dosen't get paid much.

Me: *smart ass tone* Oh. Well in Phy Ed. it's 18-26...maybe it's lower for this class?
TT: ....

Normal student throws her hand up.
NS: Yeah! I mean my BMI is a 22 and I wear a size 5! I'm overweight?

*students discuss their BMI's while idiot teacher stands and looks at us*

TT: Well I guess I will have to recheck that.

Do you guys ever wonder if maybe the reason that we are so obese these days is partly caused by expectations to be thin? I mean if underweight is the new normal and under-underweight is the new sexy...what will the next new best thin be? Dead?


Sep. 7th, 2008


What up from Estes Park?

Hey my name is Addy and I am 16 from Estes Park Colorado.

I weigh 235 pounds and I am 5'3.

I attend a school of about 400 kids and I am the second biggest girl in the entire school. I am also a lot bigger than some of the guys in school as well.

So story time which is actually more venting time.

My sister, Kaytee, and I were born exactly 2 years apart. We were born on the same day and I think my parents might have planned that. Kaytee was born 5 pounds, 6oz. and I was born well...bigger.By the time I was 4 I already outweighed Kaytee and I haven't weighed less since then.  At this time she stands 5'5 and 115 pounds with long brown hair and green eyes like my dad.I take after my mom who is also overweight by a lot.  I have blonde hair that was just chopped off to almost above my ears for locks of love and brown eyes.

Kaytee is very pretty, probably the prettiest in the entire school and she was my older sister (she now attends college) so when everybody heard that Kaytee had a younger sister about to be a freshman they got excited...especially the guys. So I was of course and utter disappointment and because of it I caught quite a bit of name calling and harshness.

I was used to this though. My parents adored Kaytee and had her thrown in every beauty pageant in the state. My grandparents spoiled her silly, always buying her clothes and taking her on trips. She had always had freinds that were popular and pretty, but not as pretty as Kaytee...she was their ring leader.

Despite the fact that Kaytee was everybody's apparent favorite we got along very well until she was 13 and I was 11. Kaytee and I started our periods in the same month...and I started a week before her. For some reason she could never forgive the fact that for that short week everybody had fawned over me and made fun of her saying things like "Wow! Kaytee's little sister is already a woman and she's two years younger!" From that day on we were enemies.

Kaytee was an ok student but no where as smart as me. She's get C's or D's and i'd get A's. By the time I was in high school we took a lot of the same classes where I would outshine her. However her friends would console her and torment me with comments like "She's ugly and fat...she needs good grades. You're beautiful...at least guys like you and aren't repulsed by the way you look." Kaytee became even meaner to me. Since she could already drive she was supossed to give me a ride to and from school but one day when I answered a question she had gotten wrong in Geometry I got to my locker after school and found a note taped to it that said "Walk home fatso. You need the exercise and I need to get the B.O. smell out of my car. See ya at home if you don't have a heart attack."  I turned to see practically the whole varsity football team snickering and calling me names like "fat bitch" and "pig" and "disgusting."

I walked home and when I told my parents what Kaytee had done they laughed and said something about playing pranks on freshmen.

When Kaytee was a senior she started dating the hottest guy in school. However she was also seeing one of the druggie, flunk out guys on the side. One night when my parents were on vacation for their 20th anniversary I had the pleasure of coming home from a friends house to find her screwing the druggie, drop out dude on the couch...a sight that will haunt me probably forever.

Knowing that this would be a way to end the war in my favor I told a bunch of people, who told a bunch more people. As it turns out druggie, drop out man was already telling people that he had boinked and deflowered the most popular and hottest girl in school and it got back to Kaytee's boyfriend who dumped her automatically.

We just dropped Kaytee off at college a week ago. When I saw her sloppy, overweight roommate I couldn't help feel pity for the poor girl and feel like I was passing the burning torch to another like me.

I didn't hug Kaytee goodbye but I felt bad about it later. Thanks to the way our bodies differiantrate we will never be friends.

Who started this thin craze that tore my sister and I apart?

Sep. 3rd, 2008


Pictures of me along with a funny story about my new roomate! (Who I already dislike)

   <---Me looking sadly at my tiny new room!!!

 <---Me on the first night in my dorm...don't I look skinny?!! :D I love being a fat girl but honestly I wouldn't mind losing a few pounds...just so my doctor and my mom would stop bitching.

Ok, roomate story time.

So I meet my roomate Hannah and her mom, who looks like she's been to about six plastic surgeons in the past month for various things. Hannah looks like she hasn't eaten in about that long. Hannah also brought her (I hate to admit...adorable) boyfriend along to help her move in. Hannah's father is M.I.A.

My parents have already left so I figured i'd wait for her to be done with her family so we could go down to to hall together for some freshman orienation crapola. So while i'm in my room writing an e-mail to one of my freinds at home I hear Hannah's mom talking to her in a low voice..."Well, at least you don't have to worry about her taking your clothes" Her mom says in a snooty voice.

"Yeah." Says the not so adorable anymore boyfriend. "And even if she did you'd know cuz there would be holes in all of them..."

So that was the start to mine and Hannah's relationship. Her new friends look a lot like her and my friends look a lot like, well me.

I love college besides my snotty roomate so far!

Aug. 31st, 2008



In high-school the desks were definitely not made for big people; and I am a big person. I am 5'1 on tip toes and almost 250 so while the desks fit my tiny little friends perfectly they did not fit me at all. I usually had to sit at one of the front desks while the whole class, including the teacher, tried to hide their smirks. I was very well known, but not for being popular and pretty like the other girls, no, I was well known for being huge.

Gym class was terrible for me. We would be paired up with permanent partners who we had to do everything with: share lockers, team up for sports, and worst of all, do weight, bmi, and body fat percentage together. Of course freshman year I got paired with a chick named Regina or Gina who was skinny and popular and was also one of my greatest tormentors. Of course, she loudly protested and rudely asked the teacher how she supposed her clothes would even fit in a tiny locker if mine had to go in there with hers. The gym teacher ignored her, not yelling at her for being rude, which was expected because the gym teacher hated fatties. And I was the Queen of fatties.

So now my bad year was even worse, Gina, miffed that the teacher hadn't let her switch partners, would stand in a circle with her friends in the gym and bitch about how much I smelled and how gross it was to see me half naked as I stood not two feet away. And then came Dooms Day. The day in which I would have to weigh Gina and she...would have to weigh me!

Hers went fast: 5'5, 112 pounds, 19% body fat,  BMI: 18.6 ("EW"! she squealed at that. "Omigod! I am sooooooo fat right now"!!)
I tried not to roll my eyes at her almost underwight BMI and instead pondered if that really made her feel fat or if she was just trying to make me feel even worse than I surely would soon. The gym teacher gave her a smile and said "No dear...you are perfect just perfect."

My turn: 5'1, 246 pounds, over 50% body fat,  BMI: *cringe* 46.5. Obese. WAY obese. Gina actually gasped in horror and the gym teacher tutted  disapprovingly and shook her head as she wrote it down

I sat with my friend for the remainder of the class while Gina and her friends bounced a volleyball in between them, occasionally glancing over at me with smirks or just plain looks of disgust on their faces. The gym teacher "politely" suggested that I play basketball or something just to, you know, start sweating a bit.

The next day I slowly walked to gym, dreading the looks from everyone in the class. To my horror when I got there my locker was covered in diet ads, gym membership offers, and gastric bypass surgery information pamphlets. Close to the bottom was a picture of an impossibly thin model in a bikini. Under it somebody had written "Thin is in...Get a move on it Fatso."

I felt myself grow red when Gina approached our locker. I turned to glare at her but when I did she glared back and said "Well those sure as HELL aren't for me. Take the advice and lose some weight. Fifty less pounds and you might be able to fit in a real desk...maybe." Her friends started giggling and covering their hands with their mouths in mock horror.

I don't know why but at that moment I knew I needed to stand up for myself and the next moment Gina the skinny, popular, beautiful, bitch was lying on the ground with a bloody nose, screaming in pain before passing out. I went from surprised to triumphant...and then to oh shit-ness as the gym teacher came around the corner and her jaw dropped to the floor.

Well, I got suspended. For two weeks. Gina and her prissy mother really played it up, talked about suing but in the end I think they both knew she deserved what she got. I think the principal might have thought so too...he didn't want to suspend me until Gina's mother said something about suing the school...

I decided to never let people tell me how I have to look and what to be like. Those people, even the gym teacher, hadn't been worried about how my weight affected my health at all. Just about the fact that it made me different from them.

Gina got knocked up junior year and was forced to drop out of school to take care of her (now) almost one year old child. The last time I saw her it looked like she had put on quite a bit of weight. I kindly let it go.


My very first fatchick_story...

When I was a sophomore I met the most handsome boy in my Spanish class. His name was Lars. He was in my year and I already knew all about him, he was already on the varsity football squad, unheard of for a fifteen year old at our school where football = life and half of the junior and senior boys went out.  Back then I felt insecure about myself. I was already 200 pounds and barely reached 5'4 on a good day. My best friend was the same height but weighed only 95 pounds, (she still does today) and I couldn't get past the fact that while she always claimed she would love to have curves like I do, she was the on who always had a date the the dances, always had a hand to hold in the hallway, and always had a boy leaning against her locker after classes. So you can imagine how surprised I was when this gorgeous boy turned around to talk to me (!) about how boring Spanish was and how ancient our senora was. From that day on he would spin around and talk to me and then came that fateful day when he looked at me and said..."You look really pretty today Gracie and I love that outfit on you, it's bright and vibrant...really fits your personality!" He proceeded to give me an adorable smile and I kept smiling until I left the classroom.

I was floored when I saw him at my locker and the end of the day. He was leaning against it talking to Kiley, one of the very pretty, very skinny, and very mean girls in my class who had a locker (unfortunately) right next to mine. In my freshman year of high-school her and her friends had dubbed me "Gross Gracie" and would snort genius insults like fatty, wide-load, lard ass, and elephant woman under their breath when I came into hearing distance.

Jealousy erupted in my stomach when I saw Kiley flipping her long blonde hair at Lars, flashing her pearly white teeth at him, batting her big old blue eyes at him, and showing off her small physique in a seriously mini skirt and pink high heels with a cleavage hugging white cami. "How is it possible for her to be so tan in January?" I remember thinking.

I cringed at the thought of asking him to move so I could get to my locker.  He probably wouldn't even notice me and Kiley would probably cringe her nose and me and remark to Lars that people really should have to be under 500 pounds to wear hip hugger jeans, and then she would float down the hall holding his hand with her manicured fingernails digging into his skin, and he'd say that he hates fat girls, and that he doesn't even think that girls who weight over 150 pounds should exist, and talk about how stunning and thin she was and...

"Gracie!" Lars asked surprised, "This is your locker?" I replied with a stupid yuhn-hun. "That's so cool! I was just talking to Kiley..." he looked at her with uninterested eyes. "I've meant to talk to you...I mean..." he slowed down "I know we don't know eachother that well but I think you are pretty cool and I was wondering if maybe Friday you want to...catch a movie? Uh...with me? Uh...would you?"

I froze and looked at Kiley, half expecting her to be in on the joke. Ask the fat girl out and stand her up (this had happened to me once already) but she looked just as stunned as I did, her mouth hanging open. I would have laughed if I wasn't sure that my face looked exactly like hers right then.

"I don't uh..have uh..a ride...uh..." I stammered.

"Oh! No problem!" he said cheerfully. "I just turned 16 last month and I have my license and a car now! I can pick you up!"

To make a long story short I did go out with him. Although I was nervous he'd stand me up and embarrass me somehow , he didn't and we had a great time. By Monday we were a official couple and have been ever since!

Kiley and her friends still make rude comments to me about my weight, even though i'm a senior now.But I don't care anyomore because that day I realized that I AM lovable and I AM beautiful, and no matter what anybody says, I am just as good of a person (if not better) as Kiley and her friends!

And when Kiley loudly remarks to her friends why she just can't understand why a doll like Lars would want to be with a whale like Gracie when he could have all the pretty "in shape" girls I just smile because I know that he wants me, he's with me, and not with her...skinny or not.



I am Gracie from Kansas City, Missouri and I would love to welcome all to fatchick_story! My brand new community for phat hotties who want to share some stories about being plus sized beauties. These can be good stories, bad stories, sad stories, and stories that still make you mad! Having a bad day? Come here to vent!

I encourage order you to join today!!